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    § 1 Scope of application

    (1) The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the gaming.dependent-low-veterans.de - hereinafter referred to as "our website" - forum. It is important for the use of the forum that you as a user accept the following forum rules and conditions. The registration and use of our forum is free of charge.

    (2) By registering, you agree to the terms of use of our website. By agreeing, you guarantee us that you will not create any contributions that violate the terms of use.

    (3) The use of our website does not constitute a contract between the users and us.

    § 2 Duties as forum users

    (1) One of your duties as a user is to ensure that you do not publish any contributions that violate these forum rules, morality or any other applicable German law.

    The following points are not approved by you:

    1. to publish content that is untrue and whose publication constitutes a criminal offence or an administrative offence,

    2. sending spam via the forum to other forum users,

    3. use of content protected by copyright and trademark law without legal authorization (e.g. press releases etc.),

    4. actions which are anti-competitive,

    5. multiple posting of topics in the forum (so-called double postings),

    6. to carry out own advertising, consequently surreptitious advertising, and

    7. to publish content that is insulting, racist, discriminatory or pornographic towards other users and the general public

    It is your duty as a forum user to observe § 2 para. 1 no. 1-7 of these terms of use before publishing your contribution in the forum and to check whether you have complied with these points.

    (2) Should you violate § 2 para. 1 no. 1-7 of these Terms of Use, we reserve the right to take the following steps against you:

    1. to delete your posted contributions and to change them,

    2. prohibition to continue to write contributions in the forum and

    3. blocking of the access as a user.

    (3) If you, as a forum user, have not observed the forum rules and possible legal infringements have arisen as a result of this, which have been caused by your posted contents in our forum (breach of duty), you as a user are obliged to indemnify us from any claims, including claims for damages, and to reimburse the costs.

    In addition, the user is obliged to support us in the event of claims for damages with regard to the defense of the legal violation (breach of duty, see above) and to bear the costs of an appropriate legal defense for us.

    (4) By your consent, you guarantee that you will not create any amounts that violate the terms of use. The same applies to the setting of external links and the signatures.

    § 3 Transfer of rights of use

    You, as a forum user, have the sole responsibility to observe copyright law in the sense of copyright law when publishing articles and topics in the forum. 2 As a user, you only grant us the right to make your contribution permanently available for retrieval by publishing it on their homepage. 3Ferner has the right to delete, edit and move your topics and contributions within its homepage in order to link them to other content or to close them.

    § 4 Limitation of liability

    (1) We assume no liability for the contributions, topics, external links and the resulting content published and posted in the forum, in particular for their correctness, completeness and topicality. We are also not obliged to permanently monitor the transmitted and stored contributions of users or to investigate whether they indicate illegal content. As a matter of principle, we are only liable in the event of an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty.

    (2) WIr expressly point out that the legal contributions and discussions in the forum are completely non-binding. 2The use of the contributions and their exploitation is at your own risk.

    (3) We do not assume any liability for the content and correctness of advertising. 2 The respective author is solely responsible for the content of the advertisements; the same applies to the content of the advertised website. 3If the advertisement is displayed on our website, we do not agree with the illegal content. 4Therefore the liability lies exclusively with the advertiser.

  2. Contract conclusion and user account

    (1) By completing the online registration process and creating a profile, a user contract with the operator is concluded. The subject of the user contract is the free use of the profile.

    (2) The creation of a profile requires the creation of a user account. This consists of a user name and a password ("log-in data").

    (3) The creation of a user account is only possible if the user provides a current e-mail address. This e-mail address is also used for communication with the operator.

    (4) The User assures that the data used to create his profile ("date of birth, profile data") is correct and complete.

    (5) Registration age is from 14

    (6) Contract language is exclusively German.

    (7) In any communication of the user with other users, any contractual relationships shall arise exclusively between the participating users. The Operator is neither a representative nor does he himself become a contractual partner.

    (8) Our community currency (DLV-Coins) can not be paid out at any time, it is only for the pure use on our site.


    (1) The user undertakes to observe applicable law (e.g. criminal, competition and youth protection laws) when creating and using his own content and not to infringe the rights of third parties (e.g. name, trademark, copyright and data protection laws).

    (2) The User undertakes to the Operator that any content posted to the Portal does not violate applicable law or morality, either through its content or form. The same applies to the setting of external links. In particular, it is not permitted to disseminate content that

    - Racism

    - Glorification of violence and extremism of any kind

    - Incitement and incitement to criminal offences and violations of the law, threats against life, limb or property

    - Agitation against persons or companies

    - personality-injurious statements, defamation, libel and slander by users and third parties as well as violations of the law of fairness

    - Content that infringes copyright or other intellectual property rights

    - sexual harassment of users and third parties

    - Pornography

    - offensive, sexist, obscene, vulgar, hateful or sickening materials and expressions

    represent, concern or contain.

    (3) Copyrighted content may only be included verbatim in contributions without the consent of the respective rights holder within the scope of the applicable citation law. Quotations are to be marked by highlighting them using the quotation function and citation of the source. Foreign-language quotations must additionally be translated into German to the extent that the content is roughly visible. In particular, incorrectly quoted contributions can be removed or corrected by the moderators. The distribution and/or public reproduction of any content of the portal without the consent of the operator is prohibited.

  4. Further obligations of the user to cooperate

    (1) The user may, without the express permission of the operator, use the portal for private purposes only and may not advertise for himself or third parties. This means in particular that the User may not use any message-advertising content without the consent of the Operator and the recipient (in particular: spam messages).

    (2) In the event that the User takes advantage of the opportunity to inform third parties about the existence of the portal via the recommendation function provided by the Operator, the User must ensure that the third party agrees to the sending of the advertising recommendation e-mail.

    (3) In the event that the content contains hyperlinks to third party sites, User warrants that he/she is authorized to use the hyperlink and that the website to which the link refers ("landing page") is compatible with applicable law and the rights of third parties.

    (4) The user is obliged to handle the log-in data with care. Without exception, the User is prohibited from disclosing the log-in data to third parties and/or allowing third parties access to the profile by circumventing the log-in data.

    (5) The User must refrain from any activity that could impair and/or excessively burden the operation of the portal or the technical infrastructure behind it. This includes in particular:

    • the use of software, scripts or databases in connection with the use of the portal;
    • the automatic reading, blocking, overwriting, modifying, copying of data and/or other contents, unless this is necessary for the proper use of the portal;

    (6) It is also an infringement of personality and therefore not permissible to remove the anonymity of other users or to disclose information from other users from private messages, e-mails or chats that are not intended for the public. Users may not include in their contributions or otherwise make known any information that could reveal the identity of another user or that the user has received from other users exclusively in private messages, e-mails or chats.

    (7) Should there be any disruptions in the use of the portal or its functionalities, the User shall inform the Operator of this disruption immediately. The same applies if User obtains information about content published by third parties that obviously violates applicable law or the rights of third parties.

  5. Rights of use

    (1) The User grants the Operator a spatially and temporally unlimited, irrevocable, non-exclusive, free of charge right, transferable to third parties, to exploit the content posted in the online offer. The operator is entitled to use, edit and exploit the content at any time. This includes in particular the right of reproduction, the right of distribution and the right of public reproduction, in particular the right of making the content publicly available. The User waives the right to be named as the author. This provision shall not affect the user's option to grant third parties rights to posted content in accordance with specific licensing models.

    (2) All rights to the contents of the portal are held by the operator. The User is prohibited from copying, distributing and/or publishing content that the Operator, other users or third parties have placed on the portal.

  6. blocking

    Wrong information like date of birth email will lead to direct blocking.

    If a provided happened when entering the date of birth or email must be directly via the contact form, contact to exclude a blocking

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